Rubrik Leading the trend: Merging Backup and Security

    As proud resellers of Rubrik's groundbreaking cybersecurity solutions, we're excited to share the latest updates to the Rubrik Security Cloud platform. With these enhancements Rubrik is leading the trend of uniting Backup and Security, paving the way for an integrated defense against contemporary threats.

    Announced during the keynote at Rubrik Forward 2023, the latest enhancements to Rubrik Security Cloud include new features for early detection of ransomware threats, user behaviour intelligence, and extending data protection to popular enterprise data sources like AWS S3.

    Since Rubrik's shift last year from being a disaster recovery vendor to a security specialist, the company has been working hard to broaden its user base. The strategy aims to include the IT ops team, which is traditionally separate from storage or backup administrators. This exciting development means better security by eliminating personal data leaks and catching ransomware threats in backups before they go off.

    Leading analyst at TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group, Christophe Bertrand, believes that the convergence of backup and security vendors is inevitable due to the increasing threat of ransomware. "Rubrik's daring transition to security now appears less audacious and more in sync with market trends," he said.

    Revolutionising Threat Insights

    The all-new Rubrik User Intelligence SaaS product provides IT ops teams with security insights based on information contained in backups and snapshots saved in the Rubrik Security Cloud. This innovative solution offers an in-depth view of high-risk users and provides detailed permissions to different groups and users. A new dashboard is also included to adjust access policies and regulate what data enterprise users can access.

    In addition, customers of Rubrik Security Cloud will have access to the new Rubrik Threat Monitoring service and dashboard. The service enhances ransomware detection by scanning backups against known ransomware signatures from third-party suppliers, Rubrik's security team's database, and enterprise patterns.

    According to Anneka Gupta, Chief Product Officer at Rubrik, these new features are designed to give teams outside of the data backup team faster and more extensive insights. "Rubrik captures snapshots of all their crucial data, providing invaluable information to customers," she explained.

    Embracing AI Capabilities

    Rubrik's strategic roadmap includes the integration of advanced AI capabilities into its SaaS offering, bringing more sophisticated tools to the fight against cyber threats. We're excited to reveal that Rubrik has partnered with Zscalar Inc., a front-runner in cloud security, to incorporate AI and machine learning for improved ransomware detection.

    Moreover, Rubrik is expanding its security cloud's protection to Microsoft Active Directory, Atlassian Jira, and AWS S3 object storage and Aurora databases. With new tools in place, Rubrik will ensure comprehensive recovery of data and snapshots stored within these services, targeted specifically for each data service's admins.

    In the words of Bertrand, "The expansion to AWS S3 and Aurora is a critical step, as these environments typically support mission-critical processes."

    These revolutionary updates will be rolling out in the coming months. As trusted resellers of Rubrik, we are thrilled to bring you these advanced cybersecurity solutions. With Rubrik, we're not just reacting to the changing threat landscape – we're getting ahead of it.

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