Rubrik Data Protection for Microsoft O365

    We are seeing more and more on M365 protection and the need to protect your M365 environment. Whether through ransomware, a malicious insider, or accidental drag-and-drop, data loss in M365 is real and a devastating event. It’s a customer’s responsibility to approach data protection in the cloud with the same severity as the rest of the environment.

    Microsoft state in their shared responsibility model that data protection is the responsibility of the consumer, but they also recommend in the service agreement that customers regularly backup their data with third part applications.

    Time is NOW – Simplicity Meets Scale with New Rubrik-Hosted Protection for Microsoft 365!

    Key Benefits:

    -Streamlined Onboarding: No need to set up or configure an Azure account. Just authenticate your Microsoft 365 subscription and GO – Rubrik will automatically handle the rest.

    -Unlimited Storage: Eliminate capacity management and leverage unlimited backup storage for your growing environment.

    -Predictable Costs: Meet your budget requirements and forecast reliably with a predictable, all-inclusive per-user license through Rubrik.

    -Logical Air Gap: Establish greater threat resilience with a physically and logically isolated backup repository. With military grade encryption in-flight and at-rest, sleep easy knowing that Rubrik has you covered.

    -Rapid Recovery: Real-time search and 3 click recovery process with bulk/file level recovery

    -Single Control Plane: One application to easily learn and manage – Global Visibility

    -Automated Management and Scaling: Rubrik automates SLA assignment and onboarding at enterprise scale. Auto-Scale resources to grow without manual provisioning

    We now have a number of options to help you protect M365, we can provide a 20GB or 50GB per user storage option.

    This is by far one of the best M365 platforms on the market and we welcome you to try a POC.

    ***Fill in the Form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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