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    When it comes to building successful distribution partnerships Innocom is pioneering the way forward. From a full suite of IT solutions to strategies that will boost product sales and take up, to the provision of expert pre and post-sale support. Innocom accompanies you through every stage of the product resell process.

    As a leading value-added distributor, Innocom leads the field when it comes to delivering innovative IT solutions and technologies from global vendors to Israeli companies. Innocom understands which leading, international IT solutions are the best fit for local and regional companies, especially when it comes to protecting crucial company resources and providing a crucial business advantage.

    Innocom provides complete product distribution support across various distribution channels including full-cycle sales, marketing, networking, and assistance with fulfillment for each of the products and solutions that it distributes. This includes comprehensive market research and analysis, as well as taking the initiative in preparing the target market and future users for the advanced IT solutions Innocom’s team of experts discover. Innocom is also committed to organizing the platforms that communicate the value derived from each of the products and solutions it distributes. Innocom’s distribution strategies incorporate comprehensive and custom-designed training for sales and technical teams. It also includes short and long term product support, including product implementation and ongoing troubleshooting issues.

    Innocom supports you through every stage of the product resell process. From sourcing its full suite of IT solutions to driving the strategies that will boost product sales, and take up to providing the expert pre and post-sale support that builds successful distribution partnerships, Innocom is pioneering the way forward.


    We strive to provide comprehensive, consumer-focused solutions. Driven by our team of expert IT professionals who source the latest, most advanced technology and comprehensive IT solutions that ensure complete protection for digital environments, we closely accompany tier-one resellers through the complete sales cycle.

    We understand how up-to-date technology drives comprehensive, secure IT solutions for today’s organizations. They understand the IT solutions that empower more efficient, more secure, and higher-performing businesses. We build and maintain the partnerships that accompany our resellers throughout the entire sales cycle including product briefings, training, and comprehensive support.



    Tomer Perry
    Tomer Perry CEO
    Iris Ben Dor
    Iris Ben Dor VP Marketing
    Denis Pozolotin
    Denis Pozolotin VP technology
    Hila Vilmovski-Sharabani
    Hila Vilmovski-Sharabani VP Business Partners & Vendor (PANW) Business Manager
    Shai Werner
    Shai Werner Palo Alto Sales Engineer
    Shani Hadari
    Shani Hadari Technical Recruiter & SDR
    Ella Weinreb
    Ella Weinreb Citrix Business Manager
    Benny Biton
    Benny Biton Proofpoint Sales Engineer
    Noy Bar
    Noy Bar Palo Alto Account Manager
    Arnon Zu-Aretz
    Arnon Zu-Aretz VP Business Development Defense sector
    Ravit Adir
    Ravit Adir Renewals Manager
    Yair Biton
    Yair Biton Citrix Engineering Team Leader and Senior Sales engineer
    Orit Rubinstein
    Orit Rubinstein Office Manager
    Shaun Sacks
    Shaun Sacks Proofpoint Product Manager
    Gil Hamo
    Gil Hamo Network Security Engineer
    Yana Shchukin
    Yana Shchukin Logistics Manager
    Lee Richter
    Lee Richter Juniper Sales Engineer
    Tomer Nisan
    Tomer Nisan Rubrik Product Sales Engineer
    Amit Kaholi
    Amit Kaholi Network Security Engineer
    Or Azulay
    Or Azulay Customer Success Manager
    May Zilberberg Koren
    May Zilberberg Koren Palo Alto Networks Sales Manager

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