StrongDM — The Infrastructure Access Platform

    strongDM delivers simple, secure access to every resource your technical staff needs.

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    Access Management for Today’s Dynamic Infrastructure

    StrongDM stands at the forefront of access management innovation, offering a Dynamic Access Management platform that transcends traditional Privileged Access Management solutions. This cutting-edge tool is engineered to empower secure, auditable access across a diverse array of modern infrastructures, tailored to provide access precisely when and for the duration it’s needed — a perfect fit for today’s agile IT landscapes.

    Going Beyond Traditional

    In an era where legacy systems buckle under the complexity of modern IT demands, STRONGDM emerges as a beacon of efficiency and security. This platform is not just a solution; it’s a revolution, accommodating a wide spectrum of infrastructure elements with ease. Featuring dynamic access controls and a focus on securing technical user access beyond just the privileged few, STRONGDM reduces attack surfaces while turbocharging productivity for both administrators and end-users.

    Works with Everything

    Embrace the versatility of StrongDM, a solution that effortlessly aligns your access policies with both state-of-the-art and traditional databases, servers, and clusters. Whether it’s cloud-based or on-premises, StrongDM’s flexible architecture integrates smoothly, enhancing your current systems. It’s the epitome of tech agility — augmenting and extending your existing legacy PAM, identity providers, cloud vaults, and SIEMs, without the disruption of a complete overhaul.

    Visibility into Every Access

    True management starts with visibility. StrongDM provides an eagle-eye view into every facet of your environment — every resource, user, and role. With this platform, you’re not just capturing details; you’re empowering auditors with precise data from every session, query, and command.

    Key Capabilities

    Authentication: Determine who gets access to your infrastructure

    Authorization: Specify what and how much staff can access

    Networking: Connect your staff to whatever they need

    Observability: Monitor and log every single event




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