New Relic

    New Relic: world’s most powerful observability platform

    New Relic - Monitor, debug, and improve your entire stack with 700+ Integrations. Get a live and in-depth view of your network, infrastructure, applications, end-user experience, machine learning models,and analyze all your telemetry in one place.

    Palo Alto Networks

    With simple, usage-based pricing, a scalable cloud-based platform, and easy open source instrumentation, every organization can unleash the power of their data with New Relic

    New Relic – Respond faster to reduce impact

    Say goodby to alert fatigue. Reduce noise with quality alerts and Get clear, focused, incident response to instantly reduce alert volumes and sync them with actual business impact.

    Measure what matters for DevOps

    Set your DevOps team up for measurable success by establishing clear service-level objectives (SLOs) and putting instrumentation in place.

    Observability for excelling the cloud

    Accelerate migrations with reduced risks which are validated with before, during, and after measurements, and achieve the promise of the cloud with scalability, cost optimization, speed, and agility against KPIs and analytics.

    True view of your digital customer experiences

    Customer relationships are built upon a complex chain of technologies working behind the scenes. The entire chain must work flawlessly or your customers will leave. New Relic gives you visibility for every piece of this chain, so you can be sure your end-user experiences are delightful.

    New Relic’s Capabilities in short

    • Application Performance Monitoring: Comprehensive tools to monitor and optimize application performance, enriching user experiences across digital interfaces. Backend to frontend, know all dependencies, and stay aligned around golden metrics and Apdex to spot bottlenecks fast.
    • Panoramic IT environment view: Instantly detect changes to signals and see system health at a glance to reduce risk across your troubleshooting workflow., enabling efficient management of both traditional and cloud-based infrastructures.

    Understand how nodes, pods, containers, and applications impact each other. Drill down to get visibility into applications and infrastructure metrics side by side in a rich, curated UI that simplifies complex environments.

    • Log Data Analysis: Makes it easy to search, filter, and pivot to focus on areas of interest, save searches, as well as create dashboards and alerts based on log data. Reduce troubleshooting time by using machine learning to detect and surface outliers in log data.
    • Secure everything: Say bye-bye to blind spots. Get complete visibility with context-driven insights into protected and unprotected assets, and Secure systems against known and unknown threats with proof-based exploit verification.
    • AI at your side: Need to know why an incident happened? Just ask New Relic Grok. Type in a question and New Relic Grok will analyse your full telemetry and software stack to give you answers, insights, and possible resolutions in a flash.

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