Drive operational transformation with PagerDuty Operations Cloud

    PagerDuty Operations Cloud serves as a robust platform for mission-critical and time-sensitive operations in contemporary enterprises. It utilises advanced AI and automation to detect, diagnose, and respond to disruptive events, ensuring streamlined digital operations infrastructure and workflows​​.

    Over 700 Integrations

    PagerDuty can easily fit into and augment any team’s ecosystem—no matter what environment or cloud.

    AWS, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Zendesk, Atlassian, Zendesk, Atlassian, New Relic

    The PagerDuty Effect:
    How your operations will look with PagerDuty on your side:

    Resolve incidents faster

    With PagerDuty Process Automation, you can ensure that responders are only pulled in when necessary. And, when that happens, PagerDuty arms your engineers with context and automations to accelerate incident resolution, such as: Service diagnoses, Incident remediations and Failback automation.

    Automate critical work across the enterprise

    Speed up operations and scale your teams through automation. Example jobs: Continuous delivery, Patching, Customer tenant operations. Automate standard IT requests and delegate to end users. Example jobs: Developer operations, System access requests, Data collection.

    Get a single source of truth for system status

    PagerDuty Status Pages show your organization’s current operational state — so you can proactively communicate with your audiences. Use Out-of-the-box page layout customization, and Send Webhook & Slack notifications to your subscribers when you create and update incidents.

    AIOps: Reduce alert noise by 87%

    Reduce incident noise with the click of a button. Use built-in ML models, or create your own logic to quickly discover the service that is at fault, if the incident has previously occurred, and if a change was the likely cause.

    PagerDuty Use Cases

    Automated Diagnostics:

    Wondering “What went wrong?” or “Who can fix it?” Well, with PagerDuty’s Automated Diagnostics, these questions get answered swiftly! This feature assists responders in quickly assessing incidents through in-depth data from services, a task that once needed expert intervention. It’s like having an expanded toolkit to efficiently sort through incidents, differentiate between real issues and false alarms, and make informed decisions fast.

    Crisis Management:

    When a crisis strikes, PagerDuty stands by your side. Our real-time operations platform jumps into action, not only mobilizing your business response but also keeping key stakeholders updated on developments that might affect your company’s reputation or operations. Think of it as your crisis command center, keeping everyone aligned and informed.

    CollabOps Integrations:

    Integration is key in today’s fast-paced environments. With PagerDuty melding into your CollabOps tools like Zoom, Slack, and Teams, your response teams become more agile. They can collaborate swiftly, reducing the average time to acknowledge and resolve incidents. Our Slack integration, for instance, shaves off a valuable minute on average for each incident. That’s time and cost savings right there, ensuring smoother operations and less downtime.

    For Developers:

    PagerDuty connects developers directly to their code in the production environment. Leveraging machine learning, it filters out the noise, alerting you only when your expertise is crucial. This means you’re always the first to know when issues arise, can automate responses, and prioritize effectively without unnecessary distractions.

    Enterprise Class:

    Designed for the high demands of enterprise-level operations, PagerDuty stands out as the go-to digital operations management platform. Trusted by over 60% of Fortune 100 companies, it guarantees security, availability, and scalability. It offers flexible access controls, reducing overheads, automating processes, and adapting to any custom need. It’s the trusted backbone for companies that you trust.

    Security Operations:

    In Security Ops, PagerDuty leverages its reliable platform to improve visibility and collaboration across security, development, and operations teams. The platform’s extensive network of security partners means seamless integration with existing tools in Cloud Security, Application Security, SIEM, SOAR, Vulnerability Management, and more, enhancing team efficiency and success.

    Service Ownership:

    Streamline your entire service architecture’s Incident Response with PagerDuty. By clearly mapping service ownership, the right responder is engaged within minutes, ensuring a swift and effective response to any situation.

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