CipherCloud CASB+

    Data Protection and Cloud Governance for today’s collaborative working environments

    CipherCloud’s Cloud Access Security Broker reduces security risks for cloud-based, hybrid, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS platforms. This ensures teams remain protected as they move between services.

    Cipher’s CASB+ Silver provides the data security, collaboration, oversight, and compliance that cybersecurity teams demand in order to embrace cloud-based services without worry. Delivering a single platform to track activity, you have adaptive control, deciding which third parties are allowed to access your network and who can authorize these services.

    Analytical insights and intuitive threat protection are delivered together with compliance capabilities that help your organization grow with the multiple cloud-based services it needs. Zero trust end-to-end protection is a win-win and enables the user access standards that network administrators demand along with the accessibility that employees require when retrieving information across multiple clouds.

    Minimizing data duplication and only allowing through what is needed reduces operating costs. Reducing cybersecurity threats builds crucial cross-company efficiency to help your organization remain connected and on target.


    • Zero Trust authentication
    • Secure collaboration
    • User access levels
    • Analytics
    • Encryption
    • Tokenizations
    • Digital Rights Management
    • User & Entity Behavior Analytics
    • Antivirus/ Antimalware Protection
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • Dynamic Access Control
    • Cloud Discovery & Analysis

    Accessibility Toolbar