Rubrik Acquires Laminar: Setting the New Benchmark for Cyber Resilience

    In a groundbreaking move, Rubrik, the powerhouse behind Zero Trust Data Security™, has decided to acquire Laminar, the frontrunner in the data security posture management (DSPM) domain. This acquisition aims to introduce the industry’s most comprehensive cyber resilience solution that seamlessly melds cyber recovery and posture across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS environments.

    The collaboration’s underlying vision is apparent: Rubrik’s strategic step reinforces its position as a paramount figure in the data security arena, further strengthening their dedication to securing global data.

    Cyber resilience is indeed the next milestone in data security. Laminar’s visionary approach and technological advancements align perfectly with Rubrik’s objectives. This collaboration is expected to pioneer an integrated solution, positioning businesses strongly in the face of growing cyber threats.

    Amit Shaked, Laminar’s CEO, leads the company’s vision facing the risks of the current digital transformation era. The unchecked growth of digital platforms has led to a surge in shadow data, which many businesses fail to recognize, leaving them vulnerable. Their association with Rubrik is a commitment to ensure businesses are not just protected, but also prepared against ever-evolving cyber threats.The combined force focusing on cyber recovery and posture, is a big step into creating a more resilient future for businesses against any cyber challenges they may face.

    A concerning revelation from Rubrik’s recent research suggests that more than half of organisations face issues with fragmented data visibility, resulting in operational disconnects. Gartner’s research supports this, indicating that as the cloud becomes more integral, there’s a growing need for businesses to identify and manage security and privacy risks more effectively.

    Laminar’s expertise lies in their cloud-native innovation combined with an in-depth understanding of security. This union promises businesses enhanced visibility and control over their sensitive data assets. With Rubrik and Laminar joining hands, businesses can expect more formidable cyber resilience. This amalgamation offers:

    • Preemptive cyber threat detection through enhanced posture improvements.
    • A broader security approach, encompassing not just networks but also cloud and data security.
    • Future-proof defense mechanisms using AI-driven technology against intricate cyber threats.

    This acquisition isn’t just about Rubrik expanding its services but redefining the standards of cyber resilience. With Laminar under the Rubrik umbrella, we’ll be able to offer our clients not only protection but also ensuring businesses are primed for the digital future.

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