Safe and secure remote operation is one of the most important challenges for businesses today

    Nowadays every business is in the software business. To accelerate their development cycle, organizations transitioned their development environments to cloud based infrastructures. This means using new technologies and processes such as containers, Serverless and DevOps to develop software that offers a competitive advantage. There are a number of cloud service suppliers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, each operating a different management system which makes managing a uniform information security policy across all these services very difficult.
    Prisma Cloud is a combination of a number of technologies that together provide a uniform work interface for managing information security policies and following any changes and unprecedented viewings, including capabilities for enforcement and implementation of DevSecOps as an expansion of the existing DevOps in the organization.
    The Prisma solution offers a number of central advantages:
    Fast implementation in the cloud, through the internet or a data center.
    Immediate global accessibility: Remote access with cloud connections at over one hundred sites in 70 countries.
    Immediate flexibility based on the client’s specifications: online addition or removal of permissions.
    Prizma offers the most secure solutions and most comprehensive level of service available in the market today.
    The system is able to perform a full L7 level inspection even during secure communication, as well as API based monitoring of configurations and suspicious activities in AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba clouds.
    The technology identifies information security weaknesses directed towards production environments.
    It scans static software-images as well as containers while the system is running.
    Protection of Serverless environments, containers and the Host in the cloud and also on Prem.
    Performs screening processes so as to conform to standards and regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.
    Interfaces to development tools are implemented prior to going online.
    Ability to see the current situation in every ‘build’ created, while integrating in CI/CD development processes.

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