Palo Alto Networks Cortex

    Augmented Intelligence security operations for those who want to protect more with less

    Palo Alto Networks Cortex delivers more security, insights, and automation with less need for human review. By recognizing patterns in your network’s behavior, a machine learning platform that jumps into action during recurring or recognized occurrences means you’ll be notified only when needed.

    Cortex XDR

    Across cloud, on-prem network, and edge devices, security teams can gain deep insights into any network activity with Cortex XDR. Notifying IT administrators only when it matters, XDR manages and executes network security protocols without the continuous notifications that notoriously slow down network security responses.


    Finally, an incident response platform built for enterprise security. Orchestration and Administration have never been so easy with over 300 app integrations, and a 95% reduction in relying on human reviews and insights from global community groups. Continuous security saves time, money, and enables unprecedented streamlined collaboration.

    Cortex Data Lake

    Data Lake enables access to all your data in real-time. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning require an enormous amount of data in order to recognize patterns and take action. Legacy systems silo data into hard to reach locations. Data Lake brings relevant information together to protect your network and give you the insights needed to continue forward.


    AutoFocus brings together the full Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex suite to give you unprecedented insight into your network. Beyond individual network occurrences, Autofocus pools together a powerful community of data which includes 14 billion unique samples, 7 trillion artifacts, and global occurrences, giving you the power to take action through customized dashboards.


    • Machine learning and AI security
    • Customizable dashboards
    • Meaningful notifications
    • Deeper insights
    • Next-gen protection
    • App integrations
    • Streamlined protection
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