In the vast and complex world of cybersecurity, Palo Alto’s PA-Series Hardware Firewalls redefine network defense. Delivering more than just a firewall, the PA-Series promises comprehensive security solutions tailored for the modern age.

    Key Features of the PA-Series Firewalls

    1. Full Layer 7 Security Protection

    Dive deep into your network’s traffic with Palo Alto Networks’ unparalleled Layer 7 security. By classifying network traffic based on the application’s identity, it:

    • Grants users access while providing complete visibility and control to admins.
    • Identifies and categorizes every application, at all times.
    • Safely migrates outdated Layer 4 rule sets.

    2. Inline Prevention of Malicious Files

    Bypassing traditional defenses, attackers adapt and modify threats. With Palo Alto’s ML-Powered NGFWs:

    • Experience line-speed classification that blocks malicious downloads in real time.
    • Detect and thwart sophisticated threats including malicious JavaScript, fileless attacks, and more.

    3. Embrace the Power of Machine Learning

    Transform your network defense with the world’s first ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall. It:

    • Identifies IoT devices in real-time.
    • Provides signatureless, inline attack prevention.
    • Ensures you stay ahead of unknown threats.

    4. Simplify Zero Trust with Cloud Identity

    With the shift towards a Zero Trust security model, Palo Alto offers:

    • Cloud-based identity security regardless of location or identity storage.
    • Real-time identity synchronization and point-and-click configuration.

    5. Safeguarding the 5G Transformation

    As the world shifts to 5G, Palo Alto ensures:

    • Comprehensive protection across all facets of 5G networks.
    • Zero Trust architecture for 5G network infrastructure.
    • Protection for 5G users, applications, and infrastructure.

    ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall

    Stay ahead of unknown threats, see everything, including IoT, and reduce errors with automatic policy recommendations. 

    This is not just another step but a giant leap in network security. By integrating machine learning directly at its heart, the firewall is revolutionized to:

    • Identify Real-time IoT Devices: Stay abreast of every device that connects, ensuring that every point of entry is monitored and safeguarded.
    • Inline, Signatureless Attack Prevention: No need for manual updates or lagging behind in threat detection. The firewall identifies and prevents attacks as they happen, with no signatures required.
    • Stay Ahead of Threats: The dynamic nature of this firewall ensures you’re not just reactive but proactive. See everything and stay updated against even the most obscure threats.
    • Automatic Policy Recommendations: The ML algorithms not only detect but advise, offering recommendations that refine and enhance your security policies, reducing manual errors and oversight.

    The Innocom Advantage

    Choosing the PA-Series Hardware Firewalls is a choice to embrace best-in-class technology, but with Innocom as your partner, it’s much more. Innocom not only can bring the knowledge about the technology, but also a complete view of the Cyber Security Strategy. For over 10 years, Innocom has been a Palo Alto Networks Authorized Training Partner (ATP) and Authorized Training Center (ASC), providing our customers with the best technical knowledge and experience.

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