Silver Peak Unity Boost WAN optimization

    An optional WAN optimization pack for Silver Peak Edge Connect SD-WAN edge platforms

    The Silver Peak Unity Boost is a single solution, fully integrated WAN optimization solution

    The Silver Peak Unity Boost is for when additional performance is required. For example, increased distances between locations across the WAN can lead to a downgrade in application performance due to the time involved in the sending and re-sending of data packets over extended distances. Examples of this might include organizations or branches located in rural areas, far from the main company data center.

    The Silver Peak Unity Boost tackles latency mitigation through TCP and other protocol acceleration techniques, leading to an increase in performance ability across the WAN. While data reduction is achieved specifically through advanced fingerprinting techniques that allow it to recognize repetitive data and utilizes specific start-stop instructions to send the data locally instead.


    The Silver Peak Unity Book is a flexible and cost-effective solution for enhancing WAN optimization, that can be licensed per-megabit-per-second, per-month, so customers do not have to pay across the entire network.



    • Automated application acceleration
    • Data reduction
    • Cloud-ready
    • On-demand
    • Latency mitigation
    • Window scaling
    • Selective acknowledgment
    • Round trip management
    • High-speed TCD
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