Silver Peak Unity Edge Connect SD-WAN

    Leveraging broadband across your WAN network

    Simplify the building of a WAN by utilizing broadband to connect users to applications across branch offices.

    Secure your virtual network overlay for physical or virtual appliances in branch offices with the Silver Peak SD-WAN Unity Edge Connect.

    The Silver Peak Unity Edge Connect SD-WAN transport solution allows for the migration to broadband WAN on a case by case, site by site basis. This means a more simplified approach to WAN transport, improved customer responsiveness and consequently reduced operational costs.

    Create a secure virtual overlay with the Silver Peak SD-WAN Unity Edge Connect, for physical or virtual appliances operational in branch offices. The plug and play deployment allows for set-up in just seconds and ensures automatic connectivity. While tunnel bonding and Dynamic Path Control mean the continuous carrying of the WAN traffic, ensuring full service at all times.

    The Silver Peak SD-WAN Unity Edge Connect delivers granular, intelligent and secure WAN transport through its zone-based firewall. Secure end to end zones regardless of users, application groups and virtual overlays. Utilize simple templates to create secure zones that enforce the perimeter security policy.


    • Virtual WAN overlays
    • WAN hardening
    • First-packet iQ™ Application Classification
    • Local internet breakout
    • Routing
    • Cloud intelligence
    • Service chaining
    • High availability
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