Silver Peak Unity Orchestrator

    Centralized SD-WAN management and SD-WAN solutions

    The Silver Peak Unity Orchestrator delivers complete visibility and control of your WAN from just one device meaning improved organization, productivity and greater cost savings

    The Silver Peak Unity Orchestrator is included with the Unity EdgeConnect solution. It allows for the zero-touch provisioning of all EdgeConnect appliances within a branch. It also ensures the automation of business intent policies and their assignment. This delivers speedier and more simplified connectivity across multiple branches. Signaling an end to configuration drift as a result of the manual update of rules and access control.

    The Silver Peak Unity Orchestrator allows organizations to avoid WAN reconfigurations, utilize virtual WAN overlays according to set business intent, deploy EdgeConnect Profiles to describe the physical and virtual configuration of the branch. It delivers a centralized, automated approach to SD-WAN.

    It also provides detailed reporting on application, location and network statistics; as well as continuous performance monitoring; and identification of all application traffic; and bandwidth cost savings reports. Ensuring visibility across applications.

    Understand how Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are being used within your organization with name-based identification and reporting, tracking or provider network traffic, and cloud intelligence.

    At the same time centralize and automatic security policies and grantee that users are safely connected directly to applications. This means enforcing preset security policies across safe and secure zones, and the automation of application traffic. Includes seamless drag and drop service chained to next-generation security infrastructure, as well.


    • Single screen administration
    • Real-time visibility
    • Health monitoring
    • Flexible deployment
    • Centralized orchestration
    • Policy automation
    • Live View
    • Bandwidth cost savings reports
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