Centrify Authentication Service

    A cloud ready Zero Trust Privilege solution

    The Centrify Authentication Service is a secure solution for Privileged Access Management (PAM). With increased insight revealing that Legacy PAM is no longer enough to secure access to data and information, the Centrify’s provide a solution that secures your on cloud data to the same level you demand from your on-prem security.

    With the number one threat to privileged services being attempted unauthorized logins, the Centrify Authentication Service was developed to handle login requests from humans, machines, service, and APIs users.

    With the Centrify Authentication Service organizations and PAM departments can,

    Simplify user authentication to servers from any Directory Service. A reduced attack surface means fewer threats and less serious threats to your privileged access. One single user identity means less complex IT management as well.

    Secure Windows, Linux, and UNIX with its identify services, and active directory bridging. While also combining multiple identities across Windows, Linux, and UNIX into one through the Active Directory service.

    Centralize user administration and accounts, as well as manage machine identities and credentials. This means a greater level of organization, greater efficiency, and a higher level of all-round security when it comes to privileged access protection.

    Managing system accounts through the Active Directory means huge reductions in time, resources, and money spent administering PAM within organizations. This is the Centrify Authentication Service advantage.


    • Active Directory bridging
    • Multi-Directory booking
    • Machine Identity and Credentials management
    • Local account and Group management
    • Centrify Zone Technology
    • Group policy management
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Automated firewall and SSH configuration
    Centrify Privilege Threat Analytics Service

    A swift response to to anomalous activity during privilege access sessions

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    Centrify Audit and Monitoring Service

    The monitoring and controlling of privilege sessions across both shared and individual company accounts

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    Centrify Privilege Elevation Service

    Limit potential damage from threats resulting from privilege access breaches and hacking

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    Centrify Privileged Access Management

    Zero Trust Privilege: a secure authentication service

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