Centrify Privileged Access Management

    Managing access to privileged users

    Centrify PAM puts the control firmly in the hands of IT administrators with its Zero Trust Privilege solution. To ensure the utmost protection of your data, Centrify provides secure access settings and deep security analytics across its PAM platform.

    With each additional access point or platform you use, your network develops increasing surface and vulnerability. Because of this Centrify’s authentication service implements Privileged Access Management across your entire network, implementing real-time security and authentication in order to keep your data truly secure. Delivering the broadest platform support in the industry, Centrify protects your network across more than 450 platforms.

    In order to prevent user privilege abuse, Centrify implements a Zero Trust Privilege approach relying on privileged access services, audit and monitoring services, and privilege threat analytics to help IT administrators stay on top of all network activity.

    Credential management is an ongoing need in any organization. Reimagine secure remote access and group policy management with a privilege access solution that will boost security across your organization.


    • Zero Trust Privilege
    • Credential Management
    • Secure Remote access
    • Shared Account & Password Vault
    • Access approval workflows
    • Multi-Directory Brokering
    • Active Directory Bridging
    • Machine Identity & Credential Bridging
    • Centrify Zone Technology
    • Privilege Elevation
    • Time- Based Role Assignment
    • Auditing and Monitoring
    • Privileged Threat Analytics
    Centrify Privilege Threat Analytics Service

    A swift response to to anomalous activity during privilege access sessions

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    Centrify Audit and Monitoring Service

    The monitoring and controlling of privilege sessions across both shared and individual company accounts

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    Centrify Privilege Elevation Service

    Limit potential damage from threats resulting from privilege access breaches and hacking

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    Centrify Authentication Service

    Reduce attack surfaces to ensure optimum security

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