Centrify Privilege Elevation Service

    A secure Least Privilege policy solution

    Centrify Privilege Elevation Service minimizes the exposure of networks to cyber-attacks from individuals with high levels of privilege access while guaranteeing the highest levels of cyber-attack protection.

    Centrify Privilege Elevation services ensure the highest protection from potential cyber-attacks and threats across servers and networks.

    Transform the way your Privileged Access Management (PAM) operates with a service from Centrify that allows you to secure and manage privileges across both Windows and Linux. This includes being able to alter privilege access according to an individual’s specific tasks or roles within an organization.

    Centrify Privilege Elevation is a flexible, customizable security solution that simplifies how your PAM operates. With the ability to centralize roles, rights, and privilege policies across an organization you can ensure optimum security and control. Delegate operations and access to server administrators only, allowing for a streamlining of your PAM solutions.

    Ensure the very highest level of cyber-attack protection with a service that prevents lateral movement across a network and assigns logins to specific servers according to each user’s role or task, minimizing the risk of potential threats and a widescale attack.


    • Privilege elevation
    • Delegated privilege role and policy management
    • Time-based role assignment
    • MFA at Privilege Elevation
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