Centrify Privilege Threat Analytics Service

    User Behavior Analytics (UBA) software to protect privilege access

    Centrify Privilege Threat Analytics Service evaluates privileged user activity and issues real-time alerts and notifications for suspicious behavior and potential threats to an organization’s networks. Utilizing machine learning behavior analytics it automates privilege access security solutions.

    As cyber threats grow ever more sophisticated, organizations are demanding a higher level of security when it comes to privileged access abuse.

    Centrify Privilege Threat Analytics Service utilizes machine learning to analyze a user’s behavior within a specific session. This use of AI, and specifically machine learning behavior analytics,  provides Privileged Access Management (PAM) departments with the ability to constantly search, scan and investigate millions of events and sessions for potential risk behavior in a way that is just not possible manually. Streamline your PAM with an automated solution that makes it more efficient and more accurate in the process.

    Centrify Privilege Threat Analytics Service allows for Adaptive Control. Meaning your PAM team is notified of any risk activity as it happens and is then able to take control of protecting your privileged access by being able to terminate sessions immediately, put in place extra monitoring of a particular behavior, or flag specific behavior for a more in-depth follow-up and auditing.

    Centrify Privilege Threat Analytics Service means an extra secure solution for all of your PAM needs.  Its multi-factor authentication (MFA), powered by user behavior analytics, can be adapted according to detected abnormal behavior. This means real-time responses to security threats and immediate extra protection.


    • Immediate visibility
    • Deep analysis
    • Streamlined threat monitoring and investigation
    • Dashboards, explorer views
    • Investigative tools
    • Easy integration with SIEM tools
    • Alert notification via Webhook
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