Citrix Gateway

    Delivering secure, remote access across multi-VDI environments

    Citrix Gateway ensures complete VDI access to hybrid cloud and SaaS platforms to ensure the optimum protection of data while boosting productivity across organizations. Citrix Gateway secures online work environments.

    Citrix Gateway simplifies the user experience while boosting productivity with its single sign-on (SSO) and guaranteed secure access from a single URL.

    Citrix Gateway is transforming the effectiveness of BYOD policies within organizations. Features such as its SSL VPN ensures users are always connected and have the ability to securely access desktops, applications, and apps from any device.

    Citrix Gateway’s SecureAccess and SecureControl solutions ensure maximum security protection and allow IT departments to manage security controls and access to information according to the employee’s role, location, and device. Customize the user experience and the security of your virtual desktops from a central platform.

    Security features including web filtering, behavior analytics, multi-factor authentication ensure Citrix Gateway provides the most secure solution for your multi-VDI access environment.


    • Diverse Identity and Access Management (IDAM)
    • Citrix analytics
    • Hardware, virtual containerized form (IR)
    • Complete SSL VPN SOLUTION
    • Endpoint analysis
    • HDX Enlightened Data transport, HDX Insight
    • Gateway Insight Dashboard
    • 3rd Party authentication providers-RADIUS, LDAP
    • SmartControl, SmartAccess
    • Support for all federation standards
    • SSL/TSL encryption
    • MDX Micro VPN
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