Citrix Web Application Firewall

    ICAS, Common Criteria FIPS-certified web application firewall

    The Citrix Web Application Firewall is capable of analyzing bi-directional traffic including SSL-encrypted communication to protect against a wide range of security threats

    The Citrix Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects web applications and websites from both potential and known threats and attacks, including DDos, SQL injection, XSS and SSL attacks. The Citrix WAF not only stays on top of these threats but does so without any impact on throughput or application response times. The result is business as usual regardless of the threats or attacks faced.

    Voted as the No.1 firewall in the industry by NSS, the Citrix WAF provides the highest DDos protection necessary. This flexible security solution includes session aware protections that keep web applications safe from any and every potential cyber threat. This high level of security also ensures that the Citrix WAF meets PCI compliance in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

    Complete with a simplified configuration that further controls risk and ensures a user-friendly experience, the Citrix WAF can be used with any cloud solution or as part of the Citrix ADC platform.


    • Built-in IP reputation service
    • Pooled licensing options
    • Hybrid security
    • Tailored security policies, full DDos protection
    • Cloud-based
    • ICSA certified
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