Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

    Synthetic monitoring of internet traffic in real-time

    A global load balancer that enables hybrid content delivery over multiple Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to avoid vendor lock-in and a SPOF (single point of failure).

    Today’s business environment demands the ability to be able to run a web platform that is both globally connected and consistently high performing. To achieve this you need a tool that measures real-time internet performance across all major clouds and CDNs, as well as across a global network.

    Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) delivers just this. As a load balancer that works on a global scale but which also allows you to individualize the user experience. Citrix ITM takes real-time CDN measurements, from over 14 billion RUM (real user monitoring) data points a day, meaning an automated balancing of internet traffic loads. This real-time data allows you to direct users to the most suitable content for them, ensuring your optimum performance at all times.

    Citrix ITM is also your tool for understanding internet health and provides insight into potential internet traffic issues allowing you a better understanding of the challenges your platform faces, in the moment.

    Citrix ITM can work to ensure your cloud migration is gradual, meaning you control what content users see, and you control the pace at which it becomes available. ITM works for you regardless of where you currently store your content, be it on-premises, on a cloud or on CDNs.


    • High-quality CDN delivery
    • Citrix Radar
    • Openmix
    • Predictive DNS
    • Sonar-global website synthetic monitoring
    • Fusion- Citrix ADC load balancing metrics
    • Platforms
    • RUM-real user monitoring
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