Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense

    One-stop solution for the prevention of Business Email Compromise (BEC)

    Protect your organization from email fraud with the Proofpoint Email Fraud Defence.

    With email fraud, BEC and phishing attacks increasingly on the rise, organizations need more comprehensive solutions than the currently tried and tested methods, such as malware sandboxing, to combat email fraud and subsequent business email compromise.

    Proofpoint Email Fraud Defence provides the tools to ensure the authorization of legitimate ingoing and outgoing email while blocking fraudulent messages before they even arrive in the inboxes of your customers, employees, and partners. Protect everyone and everything you work with, with the Proofpoint Email Fraud Defence.

    Centralize your email security solutions with a single portal to ensure both 360-degree protection and the most effective visibility possible.

    At the same time fully protect your organization’s email protection needs and requirements through a customizable email fraud plan. Implement your specific needs when it comes to protecting your business from all types of email fraud.


    • DMARC creation wizard
    • Support, services, and training
    • 360-degree visibility
    • Gateway Integration
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