Proofpoint Enterprise Email Protection

    Email protection solutions for cloud-based or on-premise networks

    When it comes to comprehensive email and network protection, people can be both your weakest and strongest links. This means a need for a layered email defense solution that incorporates real-time threat detection based on the most advanced and effective digital threat intelligence available.

    Thousands of emails enter your organization via your network daily. One malicious email out of thousands, opened by an unaware employee, can be enough to bring your organization to a halt. And despite your best attempts to keep your security infrastructure updated, threats are still getting through and causing damage across your network, which results in time wasted and diminishing returns on your network security investments.

    Proofpoint’s solution understands how potential email-based threats operate and continuously monitors for email borne-malware, payload free threats, look-alike and spoofed domains, email fraud, credential phishing, and attacks through personal email used on a work network. This real-time, automated monitoring allows greater efficiency and time saved across your IT department’s operations. It also means increased returns from your security investments when the number of potential threats aimed at your employees and how they interact with your network grow in scale and significance daily.

    Remain in control of your email protection and security with customized solutions at all levels. Classifications, quarantine options, tracing, reporting, and full administrator controls are only a few of the ways that Proofpoint Enterprise Email Protection ensures that your organization and its teams have access to a secure network at all times, while streamlining security operations, rather than complicating them. People are the main target of attacks to your network, and so you require a solution that puts people at the heart of your email protection solution. Proofpoint Enterprise Email Protection does just that.


    When deployed on the cloud:

    • 99.999% service availability
    • 99% blocked or redirected spam
    • 100% virus protection
    • Less than 1-minute email latency


    • Dynamic classification and control of email across spam, phishing, impostor, bulk, adult and malware
    • Multi-layered threat protection
    • Flexible policy creation
    • Detailed reporting
    • Scalable to support even the largest organizations
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