Proofpoint Security Awareness Training

    Efficiently Train Employees to Recognize and Avoid Security Risks

    Proofpoint Security Awareness Training (PSAT) packages provide you with an added layer of security. Proofpoint its unique tools and methodology to test and educate your employees about the latest threat trends. And as a Gartner MQ leader, Proofpoint can successfully engage and educate your users.

    Customers across all industries use our security awareness solutions to reduce their risk from cyber-attacks and dramatically reduce
    their training costs. And these solutions make it easy for you to deliver the right training to the right people. It helps to ensure your users
    have the proper response to security and privacy threats and requirements.


    • Unlimited use of assessments, training, and report
    • Available in 40 languages (Including Hebrew)
    • Automated reporting for delivering
    Proofpoint Enterprise Email Protection

    Empowering people with intelligent email protection solutions

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    Proofpoint Essentials Email Protection (SMB Edition)

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    Proofpoint Meta

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    Proofpoint Insider Threat Management

    Protect your IP and people from insider threats across the organization

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    Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense

    Improved and enhanced gateway protection

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    Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker

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    Proofpoint Web/Email Isolation

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    Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull

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