Proofpoint Essentials Email Protection (SMB Edition)

    Proofpoint email protection: The ultimate in email security protection for SMB’s

    Proofpoint applies its advanced security technology and infrastructure to a cybersecurity protection service for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB). Providing email security, continuity, encryption and archiving in one product.

    Proofpoint Essentials Email Protection (SMB edition) delivers the same degree of cybersecurity and email protection that large organizations demand, to SMB’s. From the protection of Microsoft Office 365 to a 24\7 emergency inbox, Proofpoint’s email protection offers the highest levels of secure support.

    It ensures the very highest level of email protection and security through spam and phishing detection, continued analysis of URLs and attachments, full protection for social media accounts, and policy enforcement of encryption and data loss prevention.

    Operating through a cloud-based system, the Proofpoint Essentials Email protection utilizes email security technologies to provide automatic updates and to ensure the filtering of mail before it even reaches your network. The protection is efficient and flexible in its application and use. Manage all account settings and users from one online console, simplifying how you administer your cybersecurity policy across your organization.

    Proofpoint delivers the email protection your SMB demands.


    • Email classification
    • Content control for social media accounts
    • Robust filter rules engine
    • Per-user controls
    • Quarantine access
    • Instant replay sends
    • 24/7 Emergency inbox
    • Email spooling and failover
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